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Crazy Lemon Graphics - Freelance Graphic and Web Design Services in Western Cape, South Africa. We are the specialists in logo's, business cards, company profiles and stationary, book, magazine and newspaper designs, as well as web designing and development.

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We strive for Excellence!

The dictionary definition of excellence is “to surpass” and “the quality of being outstanding or extremely good”. So when Crazy Lemon Graphics strive for excellence, we are always looking at where we are now and how we can get a little bit better.

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Being creative

Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed. The created item may be intangible or a physical object.

Design thinking is a process we use for solving complex problems with creative solutions and it serves as a recipe for whipping up a batch of creativity whenever we are hungry for some fresh ideas. So, Crazy Lemon Graphics use this process to streamline our ideas and create innovative solutions.


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Creativity is at the core of a great graphic design business team’s values. Success then also depends on a great vision that inspires the team to be focused towards its goals and delivering the best possible design to you, our client.

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our mission for Graphic and Web Design Services

Our mission statement is to provide our clients with an excellent product that would help represent them in a positive and creative, yet thought provoking way. We develop a reputation of excellence and commitment to providing creative and thought provoking projects.

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Crazy Lemon Graphics: what makes us the best Freelance Graphic and Web Design Services in South Africa?

Our job is to communicate a client’s story, brand and ideas, but we also have excellent communication skills to present, charm and negotiate with our clients. Also, we always remain professional in tricky situations and clear with a client on the brief.

We wouldn’t have gone very far in the design world if we didn’t have a love of art or an interest in the world around us. Designers love to look beyond the surface of things and to explore both the minute detail and the big picture.

You don’t end up in a creative industry unless you do what you love. But even with passion and talent, design is a labour of love. Therefore, the work inevitably entails odd hours, big edits, bizarre briefs and tricky workloads. Crazy Lemon Graphics use that passion to keep going when we are exhausted, because we know it will make us better. We’ve learned to balance projects and master time management, while being driven from the start.

In Graphic Design, we have to be open-minded, willing to try new things and be comfortable taking advice from unexpected sources. Great designers often share pieces of themselves in their work, so we’re not afraid to expose ourselves and wear our hearts on our sleeves.

Possibly the toughest thing for any designer, but everyone has to deal with criticism so we have learned to always welcome criticism and use it for taking direction to improve our work and build on communication. It’s an evolving process and often produces positives in the end.

As well as the aesthetic aspect of design, it’s also good to enjoy the problem-solving side. As designers, Crazy Lemon Graphics have to think logistically and critically to make things work. Creativity is needed not only to produce something brilliant but also to work out how the pieces fit together and turn ideas into a finished product.

A little self-doubt can be a good thing in the design world. It’s self-doubt that ensures we are continually assessing our decisions and striving to do better, therefore it’s healthy to question and challenge oneself!

Design work can be slow going – answers don’t often come quickly. It takes patience to let an idea develop, work on communication and try out creative alternatives before getting to the result. We found that often, the best way to get to the results we want is to go with the flow!

Clients don’t just want talent, they also want to get to know someone they can count on. Therefore, Crazy Lemon Graphics always strives to be reliable, manage client needs, develop consistency and prove trustworthiness. It’s a sure road to a long and happy working relationship.

Nobody knows it all. Therefore we always try to keep growing and seeking new inspiration. Crazy Lemon Graphics constantly tries new technology and share ideas with the wider creative community, and we never stop learning.

So, for these reasons, Crazy Lemon Graphics are certainly the best Freelance Graphic and Web Design Services in the country.  But don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients have to say!


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The public is more familiar with bad design than good design.  It is, in effect, conditioned to prefer bad design, because that is what it lives with.

The new becomes threatening, the old reassuring.

Paul Rand

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